AVANSA is a 2013 Nedbank Business Accelerator finalist, specialising in cash handling equipment for the African continent. AVANSA distributes and markets products, which are manufactured abroad, under our own unique brand. Our suppliers are amongst some of the biggest names in the cash handling industry. As of March 2015 we are the official South African suppliers of CashMaster Count by weight note/coin counters from Scotland.


To create time for our customers to use in more beneficial ways.

Reduce cash-up timeManagers/owners are able to spend more time interacting with clients
Reduce overs and undersReduced admin
Stop fake money entering the businessManagers/owners are able to spend more training staff
Create automated controlsReduced fraud/theft investigations
Recycling notes and coins back into the businessReduced buying of floats
Managers can leave earlier, keeping them happy, reducing staff turnover


These values govern everything that we do at AVANSA:

1. Treat every customer as our only customer
We go the extra mile to ensure that not only does each customer have a great experience with us but they become more profitable. 

2. Always be innovating
We are constantly innovating our products, services and how we do things to maintain our industry leading status.

3.  There is no I in team
“You can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” -Napoleon Hill

4. We supply solutions not products
We provide solutions to make our customers more profitable.


AVANSA believes in growing organically through training and partnerships with our distributors. We are currently represented in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Botswana. Growing fast and expanding their network of distributors, AVANSA also has a level 4 BEE rating.


Darian Liprini

Sales Director

Darian is the Sales Director at Avansa and heads up the Logistics and Product Development Departments. He has in-depth knowledge of the retail and banking industry having spent many years working with our overseas manufacturing partners, distribution partners, corporate customers and sales executives to develop industry leading solutions.