Avansa announced as Distribution Partner for National Safe

  Avansa is proud to announce that we will be representing one of the largest, oldest, and most respected safe manufactures in South Africa. From July 2020 Avansa will be stocking the National Safe Range. We will offer office, float, coin, drop, transfer safes. Cash/valuable trollies, anti-bandit doors, Pay windows and other security accessories. Nation Safe Proud History The Company traces its History back to 1875 when S.G Austen opened a key cutting operation in Beacons field, Kimberley. This was followed by the opening in 1910 of a key cutting operation in Germiston, Johannesburg by his son W.J Austen as well as numerous key cutting operations in the subsequent years, namely the Yale Cabin and the Lock Cabin. In 1945, Austen Built Safes was incorporated and in the same year, the company changed its name to Austen Peterson Safe Co. From 1945- 1951 the Austen’s opened under the name of Chubb Safes, which was then sold to Chubb as Chubb Safes. From 1951 the Austen’s operated under various names including Milners Safe, Chatsworth Milners, and Viro Locks. From 1992 onward the Austen’s assisted in building Biltmore Safe Co into the largest services and refurbishment company in South Africa. In 1995 Biltmore Safes was acquired and in 1997 Biltmore Safe had its name changed to National Safe Co Gauteng (PTY) LTD Avansa's Retail Cash Processing Solution The Nation Safe safe range is the perfect addition to the Avansa range of products, so we are now able to be a one-stop-shop for retail cash processing equipment. Our solution includes: (click to navigate)
  1. Tamper evident bags for float delivery from Bank/CIT
  2. Bulk Coin scales to quickly count and check the delivered float. 
  3. Note counters & coin counters to quickly prepare floats with batching function. 
  4. Reusable cash bags and seals for storing and transporting floats
  5. Cash trolley to safely distribute floats to tellers.
  6. Heavy-duty cash drawers for the POS
  7. Counterfeit detectors to stop fakes at their point of entry.
  8. Weight-based and friction-based cash up solutions to will complete a cash drawer cash up in less than 1 min.
  9.  Adding calculators and printers to record cash up.
  10. Drop safes to store cash
  11. Dye staining technology for overnight cash storage.