AVANSA Money Counters has developed a range of money counters specifically for Namibia. This range of note and coin counters is sold and serviced through our trusted distributor, GDS Service Centre in Namibia. They were established in 1989 and have become a trusted name in the Namibian cash processing and secure payment solutions for the banking, gaming and retail sectors. Their head office is situated in Windhoek although they service the whole of Namibia.

They offer the following range of AVANSA money counters:

AVANSA LightCount 2100 DEMO Money Counter
AVANSA LightCount 2100 (NAD + ZAR)

AVANSA BlitzCount 2600 DEMO Money Counter

AVANSA BlitzCount 2600 (NAD + ZAR)
AVANSA MaxCount 2800 DEMO Money Counter
AVANSA MaxCount 2800 (NAD + ZAR)
AVANSA PocketScale 4700 plus Printer
AVANSA PocketScale (NAD + ZAR notes and coins)

AVANSA Super Coin 1100 Coin Counter

AVANSA SuperCoin 1100 (NAD)

To order contact:

GDS Service Centre

Unit 5 Hyper Motor City
Maxwell Street
Southern Industrial

Tel: +264 61 229 775
Email: yvette@gdsnam.com
Web: www.gdsnam.com/