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Note Counters

Avansa note counters are manufactured in China using our unique design and specifications. Each model is built to facilitate a specific need, from our entry level machines suited for small businesses or individuals, to our robust machines that facilitate high-volume and the need for speed.

Our friction based counters all include built-in fake note detection by using UV (ultra-violet light), MG (detecting magnetic ink) & IR (Infrared). Features include the ability to batch your notes by any specified quantity, add large quantities of notes without breaking your count and calculate the sum of each denomination counted.

Avansa also offers weight based note counters. These are extremely durable machines that calibrate themselves to the weight of your notes and provide an accurate count even when the notes are in bad condition. These machines are perfect for retail stores as their notes are already sorted by denomination, therefore, making your cash ups quick and easy with the option of a full printable paper trail.

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