Avansa manufactures and distributes money counters under our own unique brand

Money is everywhere, money makes the world go around, money talks and time is money but for business owner’s money is time. Counting your notes and coins by hand takes time and often can lead to discrepancies due to human error. Avansa strives to cater to all businesses and individuals by providing Money Counting machines that are custom designed to make every cash up as quick and accurate as possible. These machines range from coin counters, coin sorters and Scales to digital money counters for notes.

We use our expertise and passion to offer advice on which product will best suit your needs and aim to supply you with the latest software for counting foreign currency and recognising new South African notes. Avansa also takes security and stopping the use of counterfeit money very seriously.  All our machines are manufactured with built in fake note detection making use of UV, MG and IR.

We also offer a range of proudly South African made Fake Note Detectors, approved by the SABS and used in retail stores throughout the country. Our website offers advice on what to look for when identifying a counterfeit note and who to contact in the case of coming across one. We love making new friends and business partners, not only nationally but internationally too. If you are interested in distributing our coin counting or money detection products, fill in our distributor form and join the Avansa team. We are currently represented in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Namibia and Botswana.

Lastly, Avansa offers servicing of all note and coin counters. Our technicians are skilled in repairs as well as the calibration of money counting machines, and keep up to date with the latest technology and software. For repairs and servicing, fill out our RMA form and a consultant will contact you with troubleshooting and servicing options. For all your money counting related queries, contact Avansa today!