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Checkout Counters

Avansa's Checkout Counters

The checkout counter – is one of the most import elements of a retail store, it plays a pivotal role in the customer experience. It's the final act, the last chance to leave a lasting impression on your customers before they head out the door. 

The Power of Customisation at Your Fingertips:

The good news is, you don't have to settle for a generic solution! At Avansa, all our checkout counters are modular and completely customisable. This means you can design a counter that perfectly complements your specific needs, space constraints, and brand identity. Whether you need a compact counter for a smaller store or a large, multi-lane setup for a busy supermarket, Avansa can create the ideal checkout solution for you.

Efficiency with Elegance:

A well-designed checkout counter can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of your transactions, all while maintaining a modern aesthetic. Imagine conveyor belts smoothly guiding products in supermarkets, or ample workspace for efficient packaging in restaurants. Avansa's range of checkout counters offers the best of both worlds: sleek design for a contemporary feel and features that prioritise a smooth checkout flow. Happy customers don't like long lines, so ensuring a swift and stylish checkout process is key.

Form Meets Function with a Fashionable Flair:

Checkout counters shouldn't just be functional; they can be an extension of your brand image. In retail stores, use the counter as a platform to showcase your logo or branding with Avansa's modern designs. Restaurants can elevate their ambience with sleek, modern counters that complement their décor. For supermarkets, incorporate strategically placed impulse buy displays near the checkout to nudge customers for last-minute purchases.

Tailored to Your Business, Crafted for Success:

The ideal checkout counter will cater to the unique needs of your business. Here's a breakdown for different scenarios:

  • Retail Stores: Strike the perfect balance between cashier and customer space with Avansa's modern counters. Consider built-in shelves for displaying impulse buys and creating a visually appealing shopping experience.
  • Restaurants: Lower counters with integrated space for tablets or POS systems from Avansa can enhance customer interaction while maintaining a modern aesthetic.
  • Supermarkets: Prioritise speed and efficiency with conveyor belts, integrated scales, and designated bagging areas, all incorporated seamlessly into Avansa's modern checkout counter designs.

Security with a Sophisticated Touch:

Checkout counters should be a secure zone for both staff and customers. Avansa's modern, high-quality checkout counters feature lockable compartments for cash drawers and secure areas for storing credit card machines, ensuring peace of mind without compromising on aesthetics.

The Perfect Fit for Your Space and Style:

Don't underestimate the importance of size! Measure your available space carefully before choosing a checkout counter. Remember, you need enough room for cashiers, customers, and product flow, while maintaining a stylish and uncluttered atmosphere.

Invest in a checkout counter that's more than just functional – it's a statement piece.

By choosing Avansa's modern, sleek, and high-quality range, you can improve customer experience, boost efficiency, and enhance your brand image. Visit Avansa today and explore the world of customisable checkout counters for your African business. We'll help you create the perfect counter to orchestrate a flawless checkout experience and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

9 products


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