The UltraCoin coin-counting machine's unique design offers the functionality and reliability of a high specification model but at a reduced price. Incorporating 2 coin trays, the UltraCoin coin counter uses its advanced alloy sensor to sort mixed denominations and reject counterfeit/foreign coins. The UltraCoin neatly displays the total value/quantity counted and reports the value/quantity counted per denomination on its large LCD display

The UltraCoin machine uses a robust rail sorting system enabling it to count at an impressive 600 coins per minute while ensuring consistent accuracy and reliability. Perfect for high volume counting. The easy to use interface makes batch counting simple and enables you to save and view your previous counting results. Furthermore, its integrated thermal printed means you can print your counting result at any time.


UltraCoin 1900 is a coin counting and sorting machine. The machine is able to count mixed counts (MIX MODE) or only accept one denomination and reject all other denominations (SGL MODE). The UltraCoin has a reject pocket for rejecting foreign coins, counterfeit coins, tokens etc. Ideal for counting large volume coins fast and accurately, approved by the ECB.


  • Full counting report
  • Counts & sorts 600 coins per minute
  • Batch counting & add functions
  • Rejects foreign or damaged coins
  • High volume counting
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Pre-sorting coin feeder included
  • Save & view counting results
  • Export count report to a PC
  • USB currency update port
  • Sorts coins into 2 coin trays
  • Quick & easy to operate
  • Automatic stop
  • Robust rail sorting system
  • Counts & sorts all denominations
  • Coin bag trays (optional)
  • Hopper Capacity: 1600 Coins
  • Alloy Sensor; ensures the highest counting accuracy and rejects foreign coins
  • Lower Noise: Special noise reduction technology to provide a more comfortable operation environment
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to clean
  • Software upgrading: The Software upgrading can be easily done through the USB Port. The machine only needs to ready the coin when new coins are issued
  • The Machine can connect with a PC and a printer as well as coin tubing sets


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