Optimal Security and Versatility: Our locking cash bags are expertly crafted to provide the utmost security and versatility, making them ideal for the safe transportation of cash, jewellery, notary supplies, and confidential documents. Whether you're in banking, retail, or any sector requiring secure movement of valuables, these bags are designed to meet your needs.

Robust, Water-Resistant Construction: Constructed from high-quality, water-resistant nylon, our locking cash bags ensure that the contents are protected from water damage. This feature is essential for maintaining the integrity of sensitive items in varying weather conditions.

Enhanced Durability with Reinforced Seams: Durability is key in security products. That's why our bags are built with reinforced seams, providing long-term durability and reliability. This construction ensures that the bag withstands the rigours of daily use in busy environments like cash-in-transit, gaming, hotels, and restaurants.

Advanced Security Features: Each bag is equipped with a built-in zipper and a high-security lock, offering an additional layer of protection against unauthorised access. This locking mechanism is crucial for safeguarding contents during transit or storage.

Organisational Convenience: The bag also features an identification card holder with a protective cover. This design element aids in organisation and easy identification, streamlining the process of managing multiple bags, especially useful in sectors like banking and cash-in-transit services.


  • Banking and Financial Institutions: Secure transport of cash and sensitive financial documents.
  • Retail Businesses: Safe handling of daily cash earnings and valuable merchandise.
  • Cash-in-Transit Services: Enhanced security for high-risk cash movements.
  • Gaming and Hospitality: Reliable protection for casino earnings and guest valuables.
  • Hotels and Restaurants: Safeguarding daily revenue and guest property.
  • Churches and Non-Profits: Secure collection and transport of donations and sensitive documents.
  • Individuals: Ideal for anyone needing a dependable solution to protect their valuables.


Please explore our comprehensive range of locking cash bags, each designed to cater to the specific needs of different industries. For personalized advice and solutions, our team of friendly risk consultants is at your service. Contact us for expert guidance tailored to your unique security requirements.

    KEY BAG 

    • Key Bag 23×13 cm (seal)


    • A4 Cash Bag 26×32 cm (seal)
    • A4 Cash Bag 26×32 cm (lock)
    • A3 Cash Bag 38×40 cm (seal)


    • A3 Gusset Bag 46x38×10 cm (seal)


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