Avansa SuperSort 2900: An Affordable Multi-Currency Counter.

Streamline your cash handling with the Avansa SuperSort 2900, a powerful and affordable money counter designed for businesses that juggle multiple currencies. This workhorse boasts an impressive counting speed of 1000 notes per minute, making it ideal for tackling mixed denominations efficiently.

Here's what makes the SuperSort 2900 a champion for multi-currency environments:

  • 2-Pocket Design: The key feature! Separate genuine bills from suspected counterfeits (or soiled notes) with ease. This uninterrupted sorting ensures a smooth workflow.
  • Mixed Note Counting: Say goodbye to pre-sorting. The SuperSort 2900 handles a variety of denominations in a single run, saving you valuable time.
  • Value Counting: Get the total value of your cash pile instantly, eliminating manual calculations and potential errors.
  • Multi-Currency Prowess: The SuperSort 2900 is loaded with 20 currencies (contact us if you have a specific currency template) including: ZAR, USD, EUR, GBP, BWP, MWK, NAD, SZL, AOA, XAF, KES, MZN, TZS, ZWD, ZMW. 
  • Counterfeit Detection: Equipped with industry-leading counterfeit detection methods, the SuperSort 2900 helps safeguard your business from counterfeit bills.

 Added Benefits

While the SuperSort 2900 excels in budget-friendliness, it0 also offers:

  • Denomination Sorting: This would further streamline your post-processing by automatically separating bills by denomination.


Designed for the African continent is is equipped with a front-loading hopper for high volume note counting.

The SuperSort 2900 vs. 1-Pocket Counters:

The 2-pocket design offers a clear advantage over 1-pocket counters. You can:

  • Maintain Workflow: Isolate suspicious bills without interrupting the flow of genuine ones.
  • Save Time (Optional): If denomination sorting is available, eliminate the need for manual sorting after counting.

The Avansa SuperSort 2900 is a compelling choice for businesses that value efficiency and affordability in a multi-currency environment. Its impressive counting speed, mixed note handling, and potential denomination sorting capabilities make it a strong contender. 


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