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Discover the Efficiency of ProNote 1.5F: Rapid, Reliable, and User-Friendly

Elevate your cash handling to the next level with the ProNote 1.5F, a top-tier banknote processing system designed for rapid and efficient operation. Perfect for businesses and financial institutions seeking a blend of speed and precision, the ProNote 1.5F is an ideal addition to your operations.

Key Features of the ProNote 1.5F

  • High-Speed Performance: With an impressive counting and sorting speed of up to 1,200 banknotes per minute, ProNote 1.5F stands out in its device segment, offering outstanding efficiency.

  • Continuous Operation: Equipped with a dedicated reject compartment, the ProNote 1.5F seamlessly handles counterfeit, unidentifiable, or unfit banknotes, ensuring non-stop performance.

Reliability and Security in Counting

  • Advanced Sensor Technology: ProNote 1.5F employs cutting-edge sensors, meeting all requirements for counting, authentication, serial number reading, and fitness sorting with maximum accuracy.

  • Enhanced Transparency: An optional external LCD display and receipt printer are available, making accounting processes more transparent and customer-friendly.

User-Friendly Design and Compact Build

  • Ease of Use: The ProNote 1.5F features a clear, programmable user interface and jog dial knob, making it incredibly user-friendly and easy to operate.

  • Space-Efficient: Its compact dimensions (H: 335 x W: 290 x D: 270 mm) require minimal space, making it an ideal fit for various work environments.

  • Portable Convenience: Weighing just 10 kg and equipped with a practical carry handle, the ProNote 1.5F is effortlessly portable.

Future-Ready and Flexible

  • Versatile Currency Handling: The ProNote 1.5F can be configured for up to 40 different currencies, each automatically detected during processing, making it a versatile tool for global operations.

  • Ready for Future Updates: With easy update options, the ProNote 1.5F is well-prepared for currency updates and other future requirements.

Precision Meets Velocity

Experience the unmatched combination of superior counting speed and precision with the ProNote 1.5F. It's not just a banknote counter; it's a comprehensive solution for modern and efficient currency management.

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