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Avansa Strongroom Doors: Ultimate Protection with Bullet Resistant and Fireproof Features

Avansa presents a range of robust strongroom doors, meticulously designed to offer unmatched security and protection. Adhering to SABS standards, our doors are engineered for resilience and durability, making them ideal for a wide array of applications.



The strongroom door embodies the most up-to-date features that protect the lock and vital parts.

  • Locking: 2 x 7-Lever Key lock with keys in duplicate
  • Boltwork: 6 x Sliding bolts on the front edge and fixed at the back
  • Finish: Primer Only
  • Optional Extras: Combination Lock or Digital Lock, Single or Double Ended Vent

Key Features of Avansa Strongroom Doors

  • Exceptional Resistance to Attacks: Our strongroom doors are constructed to provide superior protection against various forms of attack. They are especially effective against skilled break-in attempts, ensuring the safety of your valuables.

  • Bullet Resistant Doors for Enhanced Security: Specifically designed to withstand ballistic assaults, our bullet-resistant doors are an ideal choice for high-risk environments. This feature is crucial in safeguarding against external threats.

  • Fire Protection: In addition to security against break-ins, our strongroom doors offer excellent resistance to fire, protecting your valuable assets from fire damage.

  • Diverse Categories for Specific Needs: Catering to different security requirements, we offer categorized strongroom doors, including Cat 1, Cat 2, and Cat 2 ADM strongroom doors. Each category is tailored to meet specific security levels as per your needs.

  • Manufactured to SABS Standards: Manufactured to the highest quality, ensuring that they meet rigorous safety and quality criteria.

Ideal for Multiple Settings

  • Versatile Applications: Avansa's strongroom doors are perfect for a variety of settings, including schools, businesses, banks, and industrial buildings. Whether you need to secure a record room, a cash vault, or a sensitive data storage area, our doors provide the necessary protection.

  • Sturdy Construction and Locking Mechanism: The robust construction and advanced locking systems of our strongroom doors make them virtually impenetrable, offering peace of mind and enhanced security for your premises.

Choose Avansa for Reliable Security Solutions

With Avansa’s strongroom doors, elevate the security of your premises to the next level. Our doors not only provide formidable protection but also blend seamlessly with your security infrastructure. Trust Avansa to deliver doors that stand the test of time and threats, ensuring the safety of your assets and premises.


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