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Money Counting Machines

Money Counting Machines - Avansa Business Technologies

39 products

Which Money Counter do you need? 

Cash flow is the lifeblood of many businesses, but manually counting bills and coins can be a time-consuming and error-ridden process. Money counting machines offer a solution, automating the process and improving accuracy. Let's delve into the different types of money counters, their functionalities, and feeding options.

Types of Money Counters:

  • Bill Counters: These are the workhorses, specifically designed to count banknotes. They come in two main categories:
    • Value Note Counters: These machines identify the denomination of each bill and calculate the total value of the stack. Perfect for businesses dealing with mixed denominations.
    • Piece Note Counters: These simply count the number of bills, regardless of denomination. Suitable for situations where sorting isn't necessary.
  • Coin Counters: Designed to sort and count loose coins by denomination. Some advanced models can roll coins into pre-determined amounts.
  • Combination Counters: Offer the best of both worlds, handling both bills and coins in one machine. Ideal for businesses with mixed cash flow.

Counterfeit Detection:

Keeping counterfeit bills out of circulation is crucial. Many money counters incorporate features to detect fakes:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Detection: Counterfeit bills often lack the security threads that fluoresce under UV light.
  • Magnetic Ink (MG) Detection: Genuine bills have specific magnetic ink patterns that these machines can identify.
  • Infrared (IR) Detection: Security features embedded in bills can be detected using infrared technology.
  • Image Scanning: Advanced models use high-resolution image sensors to compare bills against a database of known genuine notes.
  • 3D Detection: Some machines utilise 3D technology to verify the physical characteristics of the bill, such as thickness and texture.

Feeding Options:

Money counters come with two main feeding options:

  • Front Loading: Place large stacks of notes on the front hopper, for medium to high volume counting.
  • Back Feeding: A hopper at the back of the machine holds a stack of bills. Ideal for low to medium volume cash processing.

1 Pocket or 2 Pocket Note Counter:

  • 1 Pocket Note Counter:

    • Simpler and more affordable option.
    • Features a single hopper and stacker for feeding and stacking bills.
    • Suitable for low-volume cash processing or situations where sorting by denomination isn't required.
    • Counts all bills together and stacks them in one pile.
    • Might require stopping the machine to remove unfit bills (counterfeits, damaged bills).
  • 2 Pocket Note Counter:

    • Offers more advanced functionality for sorting and handling different bill types.
    • Includes two separate hoppers or stackers.
    • Enables functionalities like:
      • Sorting bills by denomination during counting. One pocket can be designated for a specific denomination, while the other pocket collects bills of different denominations.
      • Separating genuine bills from suspected counterfeits. One pocket can be used to stack verified bills, while the other can hold bills rejected due to potential counterfeit detection.
    • Ideal for higher-volume cash processing or situations where sorting and verification are crucial.

Choosing the Right Counter:

The best money counter for you depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like:

  • Cash Flow Volume: High-volume businesses will benefit from front loading, mix value counters counters (ideally 2 pocket). Recommended models: Avansa MegaSort 3000 
  • Denomination Handling: Value note counters are essential if you deal with mixed denominations. Recommended models: Avansa MixCount 2825 (Medium volume)
  • Counterfeit Detection Needs: If security is a top priority, choose a machine with advanced counterfeit detection features.

By understanding the different types of money counters, their functionalities, and feeding options, you can invest in a machine that streamlines your cash handling process, saves time, and ensures accuracy.


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