The Avansa Drop Safe offers burglary protection for an overnight application. The safes provide security in a controlled environment in any situation where cash is required to be deposited and stored prior to cash collection.


Secure Your Business with Avansa Drop Safes: The Ultimate in Theft Protection

In the bustling business environment of Africa, securing daily takings is a top priority. Avansa drop safes provide the solution, offering advanced burglary protection for overnight storage and beyond. Whether you’re looking to buy a drop safe, or you need a specialized CAT 1 drop safe, Avansa has you covered with options that cater to retail outlets, forecourts, fast food enterprises, and more.

Why Choose Avansa Drop Safes for Your Business?

  • Robust Burglary Protection: Avansa's retail drop safes are designed to secure your cash in controlled environments, perfect for situations where deposits need to be stored safely prior to collection.

  • SABS Certified Security: Meeting stringent SABS standards, our drop safes (ranging from Cat 2 ADM to Cat 5) are engineered to withstand various forms of burglary attempts. The high-security locks, hard plates, and re-locking devices make lock picking and drilling efforts futile.

  • Enhanced Attack Resistance: Our cash drop safes are fortified against aggressive break-in methods including the use of cold chisels, drilling machines, hand tools, and high-speed grinders, ensuring your assets are protected against forceful attacks.

  • Innovative Deposit Protection: The deposit drawer is designed with a system of baffles and anti-fishing plates to prevent the illegal removal of deposits, adding another layer of security to your transactions.

Assured Insurance Values for Your Investment

  • SABS Category 1: Estimated Overnight Insurance Value of R5,000
  • SABS Category 2: Estimated Overnight Insurance Value of R12,500
  • SABS Category 2ADM: Estimated Overnight Insurance Value of R50,000
  • SABS Category 3: Estimated Overnight Insurance Value of R100,000
  • SABS Category 4: Estimated Overnight Insurance Value of R200,000
  • SABS Category 5: Estimated Overnight Insurance Value of R300,000

Drop Safes Tailored for African Businesses

From retail spaces to service stations, document handling to goods storage, Avansa's selection of drop safes is tailored to the diverse needs of African businesses. With a drop safe for every requirement, you can ensure that your business’s financial assets are secured with industry-leading technology.

Invest in an Avansa drop safe today, and give your business the security it deserves, with the added benefit of meeting insurance criteria and enhancing your operational peace of mind.


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