The Avansa range of SABS approved safes offers sophisticated defence against both skilled and unskilled burglary. Highly recommended by the insurance industry, this range incorporates varying levels of security and offers clients categories 1 to 5, depending upon their security and insurance requirements.

Avansa Categorised Office Safes: Optimal Security Solutions Complying with SABS Standards

In the business realm of Africa, where security challenges are an everyday reality, Avansa's range of SABS-approved categorised office safes stands as a bastion of protection. Tailored to provide advanced defense against both sophisticated burglary techniques and opportunistic break-ins, these safes are a prudent choice for any business conscious of safeguarding its assets. Highly regarded by the insurance industry, Avansa safes deliver unparalleled security, aligning with categories 1 through 5 to meet diverse security requirements and insurance mandates.

Comprehensive Protection Across Categories

  • SABS Category 1 and 2 Safes: Offering a reliable security foundation, these safes are equipped with a robust 7-Lever key lock system, complete with duplicate keys. They are the perfect fit for businesses taking their first step towards enhanced security measures.

  • SABS Category 2ADM to 5 Safes: For organizations requiring advanced protection, these safes provide a sophisticated lock arrangement with double 7-Lever key locks and an additional combination lock, fortifying against unauthorized access and providing multiple layers of security.

Advanced and Customizable Security Features

  • Enhanced Locking Options: Avansa's commitment to security is evident in the customizable locking options available. Upgrade to alternative or digital locking mechanisms to integrate modern security technology into your safekeeping practices, available at an additional cost.

Assured Insurance Values for Peace of Mind

  • SABS Category 1: R5,000
  • SABS Category 2: R12,500
  • SABS Category 2ADM: R50,000
  • SABS Category 3: R100,000
  • SABS Category 4: R200,000
  • SABS Category 5: R300,000

These values underscore the confidence placed in Avansa's safes, ensuring that businesses can select a level of security that aligns with their insurance coverage criteria.

Elevate Your Business Security with Avansa's Office Safes

Choosing an Avansa categorised office safe means investing in a system that not only protects against theft but also serves as a deterrent against potential break-ins. The presence of a high-quality safe signals to would-be criminals that your business takes security seriously. Furthermore, the fire-resistant qualities of these safes add an extra layer of defense, protecting against potential fire damage and ensuring that your critical documents and valuables remain secure in a variety of emergency situations.

The Avansa Advantage in a Competitive Market

In today's competitive market, businesses in South Africa cannot afford to overlook the importance of robust security measures. Avansa's categorised office safes offer an advantage with their compliance to SABS standards, reflecting a commitment to quality and security. Whether for a small startup or a large corporation, these safes provide a scalable security solution that can grow with your business, adapting to evolving security needs and technological advancements.

Secure, reliable, and designed with your business in mind, Avansa's categorised office safes are the ultimate choice for protecting your business's financial assets, sensitive information, and more. Trust in Avansa to deliver security solutions that stand the test of time and threat, ensuring your peace of mind in a challenging security landscape.


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